Shortlisted entries 2012

15. Borders Beyond Borders
Benjamin Tallis

Borders aren’t what, or where they used to be. While the EU’s Schengen zone has seemingly enhanced freedom of movement for both business and pleasure, the removal of national frontier controls doesn’t mean that this is a borderless zone as is often claimed: you can now be controlled anywhere as borders effectively run along road and rail networks as well as through towns and cities. Similarly, although EU enlargement extended the zone of ‘free movement’ to many Central and Eastern European countries, it has also excluded others, categorising them as neighbours rather than members. Many people find themselves behind a new curtain, albeit made from paper and glass, rather than iron. This project looks at the new geographies and materialities of European borders, how they are shaped by communist pasts and European futures and how this impacts on security, identity and mobility in Czech Republic, Poland and Ukraine.

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