Shortlisted entries 2012

4. Collecting Coffee in an Interconnected World: Mobile Phones Making a Difference
Angelica Valeria Ospina

Deep into the mountains of Colombia’s coffee region, a coffee collector takes a break to answer an incoming call… in one of his two mobile phones. Due to the complex topography of the area, he always carries two phones (each with a different service provider) in order to ensure that he is always ‘connected’. He can now stay in touch with family members that have migrated to the city, find out the daily price of coffee, receive text messages with meteorological alerts, take pictures of crop diseases, and be informed of job openings. Thanks to the broad diffusion of mobile telephony, coffee farmers can now be connected to the world in ways that were unimaginable years ago, and have new tools that help to reduce their vulnerability. This picture was taken during the fieldwork of a PhD focused on the role of Information and Communication Technologies in developing countries’ adaptation.

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