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Crossing Continents

Crossing ContinentsCrossing Continents
Joanne Pennock

The Ugandan boy in the background is eligible for a global World Health Organisation program, which has a target to treat 750 million children for intestinal worm infection by 2020. The boy in the foreground is British. He is not part of the global treatment campaign, yet is learning about the worm eggs that infect children in Uganda and the effect they have on health. The eggs are so small that you can’t see them with the naked eye. Recently, local school children (Hulme) have discovered a treatment that can destroy worm eggs; clove oil. Part of a partnership project with a University immunologist, this discovery has led to a raft of experiments at the University to understand why. As scientists, we have a responsibility to inform, educate and inspire the next generation.  Raising awareness of global health issues is just as important as finding the next treatment.

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