Shortlisted entries 2012

7. Home is where we should be safest
Gemma Sou

My research looks at how poor Bolivian families build their houses in communities that have a high risk to landslides. I show that vulnerable families are not passive and helpless victims of disasters, but that they are capable of using their limited resources to independently build houses that are reducing their vulnerability. This gentleman was living with the affects of a landslide, which had occurred two years earlier, and had severely damaged his house. Unfortunately, in his case, he was unable to afford repairs or to move house, and so was securing the walls and roof from collapsing with wooden poles. In the photograph he had just been interviewed about his experience, and was showing me a drawing of his dream house, which he one day hopes to build for his family in the countryside. He ended the interview by telling me that “Home is where we should be safest”.

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