Shortlisted entries 2011

3. A Change From Above
Environment, Andrew Speak

Green roofs have many benefits within cities. Vegetation removes pollutants from the air, helps to prevent urban flooding by providing a storage space for the rain and provides a home for insects and birds. In the hot sunshine, vegetated surfaces are cooler than bare concrete ones, so green roofs can also help to counteract the urban heat island effect. This is a phenomenon whereby urban areas can be a lot warmer than nearby rural areas. With climate change predictions on top of this, UK cities are expected to become quite uncomfortable places to be in summer. My research is aiming to quantify some of these benefits of green roofs with respect to Manchester, and this will hopefully encourage urban planners and building owners to install more green roofs in the region. As a means of achieving sustainability, green roofs tick many boxes, so hopefully Manchester’s roofscape will start to change.

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