Shortlisted entries 2011

8. Electronic waste – Consumers’ behaviour and environment
Environment, Azadeh Dindarian

The rapid growth in the electronics sector and use of technology in general has inevitably resulted in the generation of vast amounts of waste in the form of electrical and electronic equipment. These wastes are often highly complex, integrated and toxic and consist of valuable substances such as gold and copper. The researchers at the University of Manchester teamed up with CREATE a charity and social business and developed a research program to determine the reasons why people discard electronic products and what are the factors, in particular microwave ovens, washing machines and tumble dryers and their functionality at the point of disposal. We hope to answer followings: the reasons electrical products are discarded, solutions to extend the life span of these products, either by extending their initial life span or by re-using and re-manufacturing them and the implications of such life span extension for society and the environment.

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