Shortlisted entries 2011

12. The right to live disease free
People, Professor Kath Else

Our research focuses on understanding how our body defends itself against “Neglected Tropical Diseases”, specifically parasitic infections. The photo shows Adam in Africa. To stay healthy in the UK, Adam has regular vaccinations to protect him from infection. To visit Africa he has had special vaccinations and is taking drugs to prevent parasitic infection. Adam is in a maths class with children just like him: they share a love of football and toys. But unlike Adam, they have no protection against the parasites they are exposed to simply as a consequence of where they live, and which make it difficult for them to sustain their culture and way of life. The World Health Organisation states that “In the 21st century, every child has the right to live free from vaccine-preventable diseases”. The work of the Immunology group provides a stepping stone towards the development of vaccines against parasitic diseases.

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