Shortlisted entries 2011

People, Dr Maria Keramari

Three words full of life, energy, potential…At the level of cell-cell interactions that form the human body, at the level of the essential bond of human beings to their environment, at the cultural level of interpersonal relationships that create fates for us all…My research at the University of Manchester aims to understand self-renewal and the capacity of human embryonic stem cells to divide indefinitely in culture. My personal objective is to use these cells as a model to study cancer and its origins. The exciting potential of embryonic stem cells lies in their ability to generate multiple cell fates, thereby allowing us to create tissue-specific cells to replenish damaged cells of the body due to disease. The broader scope of the field of regenerative medicine is to develop cell replacement therapies for ‘broken’ hearts, nerves, bones, muscles and the remaining tissues of the human body, to sustain health and balance.

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