Meet the Researchers

Marina Yusupova

Photo of Marina Yusupova

Research Area: Gender and Sexuality Studies; Contemporary Russia

What is it like being a researcher?

It is really hard work. You have to be stubborn and work persistently if you want to discover something interesting and new and especially if you want to be recognised among other scholars in your field or make a difference in the world. To be honest, sometimes I profoundly dislike it and think that working as a lifeguard who patrols the beaches of Los Angeles would be so much nicer, but the most of my days I do believe it is the best and the most exciting profession in the world.

What is the best thing about being a researcher/your job?

Three things I love most about my job are: 1) no early get ups, 2) the people I meet and work with, and 3) lots of opportunities for travel. Flexible schedule is a very amazing thing to have, although while being a PhD student quite often you are not comfortably planning your working hours and activities but rather trying to squeeze some time for rest and sleep in your schedule. Working in a university you are always surrounded by outstandingly smart and interesting people who inspire you to grow and become one of them. Academic careers require a lot of travel in order to present your work while at the same time learning from others. Sometimes one even has to live in different countries for years, like in my case.

What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy reading, traveling and socializing. Some time ago I also used to be a student in a school of photography.

What discovery or invention could you not live without?

Pen and paper, music and birth control