Meet the Researchers

Piotr Goldstein

Photo of Piotr Goldstein

Research Area: Interdisciplinary East European Studies / Sociology

What is it like being a researcher?

It is great! And I really love the type of research I do now. Before I moved to social sciences I studied philosophy for seven years. I wrote my Master’s thesis about the Image of Women in the Philosophy of Plato and I really enjoyed writing it. However, with all my respect to Plato, I am so happy I now work with people who are still alive and with whom I can interact!

What inspired you to become a researcher?

One of my motivations was that there was a number of languages which I always wanted to learn but I needed a good excuse to do so. Now that I research in places like Vojvodina, which has six official languages, I just have to keep learning, it is part of my job. The more fluent I am in local languages the easier it is for me to approach the people whose activities I research and the more I can appreciate them.

What is the best thing about being a researcher/your job?

I get to meet many amazing people – both in the academia and in the places I research. And I experience things I would have never experienced if not for my research – like the festival of juggling with fire at which I took the photo.

What do you do in your free time?

I have just handed in my PhD thesis, so for the last couple of months the concept of ‘free time’ was rather foreign to me. Now that I have submitted I will share all the free time that I have between my two children, looking for a job and being a music manager for my wife Izabella.

What discovery or invention could you not live without?

Coffee. I keep re-discovering it each time I visit the Balkans.