Shortlisted entries 2011

4. Sustainable Peace?
Culture, Dr Alison Jeffers

I am investigating a social archiving project called ‘Mount Vernon: more than just a mural’ on Mount Vernon estate, Belfast, a place that has been hugely affected by ‘the Troubles’ in Northern Ireland. The residents are discussing what to do with images like this one following the dramatic reduction in violence since the late 1990s. Although government money has been made available to re-paint Belfast’s murals to create less threatening images, the people in Mount Vernon have rejected it. They want to have a full discussion about why the mural was painted initially, to find out why some people want to keep it while some want it changed. They feel that it is only through these difficult community discussions that they can begin to come to terms with the violence and loss that have dominated life in Northern Ireland, something they feel is essential in producing a sustainable peace.

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