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The fire empowerment

The fire empowermentThe fire empowerment
Piotr Goldstein

Civil society are all those actors, different from business, family and the state, which counter-balance the state power and at the same time supplement it in building a successful and peaceful society. In the post-war Western Balkans, it has been seen as expressed in the work of Western-style, foreign-sponsored, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). They were expected to foster inter-ethnic dialogue and reconciliation, increase civic engagement, and lead the way to gender equality among other tasks. My PhD shows ‘the big picture’ of post-Yugoslav civil society. It included informal, non-sponsored, groups, and demonstrated that also they can empower, foster gender-equality and reconciliation. One such group, gathering people who juggle fire, co-organised a festival of fire for youth from across Western Balkans. During the festival a young female member of this group said: ‘fire is something uncontrollable, yet I can control it. When I juggle with fire I feel I can do anything…’

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